Our work begins with the thorough analyses of real estate assets. Whether you are buying, selling or leasing, our research, our effort and our expertise will help us ensure that your goals are achieved.

A significant investment in time is required to properly analyze real estate assets. Therefore, we provide information only to those individuals and businesses that have become clients of our brokerage. If you would like to discuss becoming a client, please contact us today.

Services We Provide

Investing - purchasing
Standard financial analysis of investment real estate includes net operating income, cap rates and cash on cash return. Our analyses go deeper. We carefully target properties with desirable forecasts based on seven key metrics including demographics, maintenance projections, appreciation outlook and four additional propriety systems of measurement.

Investing - selling
When it's time to sell be certain to choose the brokerage with the best marketing and the most expertise. Our firm consists of some of the very best talent in the industry and our marketing is far superior to that of our competition. While the reach of our sales staff is significant, nothing compares with the reach of our network of websites. To read a New York Times article about our business, please click here.

The success of your business often starts with a great location. Retail clients typically desire the the best traffic counts and frontage for their money. Office clients want top quality space. Industrial clients want easy access. Like all things there is a balance between quality and cost. We will help you find the perfect locatation for your business given your objectives and budget.

1031 Exchange
Many investors are exchanging out of properties in other markets and acquiring replacement properties in the Boise area. We can help you identify and secure replacement property satisfactory to complete your 1031 Exchange. We can also facilitate reverse exchanges if a high probability of sale exists with the property to be relinquished. We can coordinate the sale of any property, nationwide.

First Time Investors
We enjoy working with experienced and novice investors alike. If you are just getting started in the world of real estate investing, we will be happy to teach you everything you need to know. A knowledgeable investor is a wise investor.

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Our Fee Structure

In our market compensation is typically paid by the seller/landlord. Our fee for the listing and sale of real estate is 6% of the sale price. Our fee to a landlord in the leasing of a property is 6% of the gross face value of the lease agreement.

Investment Financing

We are proud to be partnered with Traci Sansinena of Fairway Mortgage for all of your real estate investment financing needs. Please contact Traci anytime for rate quotes and pre-approval letters.

Traci Sansinena
Fairway Mortgage
8665 Emerald St, Suite 200
Boise, ID 83704
Traci Sansinena, Branch Manager NMLS ID #304704
Branch NMLS ID #2289. Equal Housing Lender.
All loans subject to underwriter approval.

Types of Property We Service

Single Family
Single family homes are desireable vehicles for investment given current levels of quality investment options and the ease of geographic diversification. When you own an apartment, all of your units are in one location. When investing in single family homes you can target a variety of sub-markets to position yourself for opportunity and hedge against risk.

Although larger offerings with quality exist on occasion, the primary multi-family buying opportunity in the Boise area is fourplexs. Quality fourplex investments can be had in the $300,000 range. Contact us now for a written profile of the top three opportunities currently on the market.

The Boise area offers everything from very high end Class A retail to more moderate retail options. Peak hour traffic at two of our primary arterials exceeds 6,000 vehicles. Or perhaps a more local presence in one of our profiled sub-markets might yield twice the customers. Finding the right spot for you is the key. Contact us today for available properties that match your specified criteria.

A wide variety of office options exist in the Boise area. Downtown Boise has an upscale, quality feel. It is an active business center by day and an active gathering place by night. Safe and clean with plentiful restaurants and shopping options, Downtown Boise offers everything from high-rise opportunities to impressive turn of the century buildings at the periphery of Idaho's Capital building. In other areas throughout the Boise area you'll find everything from mid-market to very high end Class A space.

Whether you are looking for 2,000 square feet or 200,000 square feet, your industrial space requirements can be met in Boise. Contact us today for available properties that match your desired criteria.

If your land banking or building, there are attractive land options in the Boise area. Land is available for retail, office and industrial in a variety of sub-markets. Contact us today for available properties that match your desired criteria.